Vegas Theatre Hub provides theatre training that is designed to fit any level of skill or experience. Our Youth Improv Program teaches the basics of improvisation, giving students the skills they need to make up comedy scenes on the spot with no scripts. It’s comedy without a net!


Improv Comedy is more than just a fun activity. It also instills valuable skills and ideas that prepare young people for life.



Increased Confidence


Improv encourages the idea that there are no “wrong” answers, just stronger and better choices. By working in a judgment-free space, students are given the confidence they need to make creative decisions. Fear of embarrassment and failure is erased by support and applause, creating stronger, more confident students who are less hesitant to speak to large crowds or perform in front of audiences.


Enhanced Listening and Communication


Scene-building and storytelling in improv involves accepting and building upon the ideas of others. For this reason, students learn that they must listen closely to others and articulate their own ideas clearly.


Team Work


Comedy is a highly collaborative art form and, in an improv setting, students quickly learn the value of working together to achieve a common goal. With its emphasis on creating scenes as a team, improv students are able to experience, first-hand, the magic of being a part of something that is larger than themselves.




In an improv environment, students learn by doing. By putting students in scenes where they must make quick decisions and stand by them, they learn the value of “thinking outside the box” and making creative decisions.


Saying “Yes”


By creating an environment of unconditional support, improv reinforces many of the values that parents and schools encourage. Improv allows students to abandon their fears and explore their creativity. With its emphasis on the concept of saying “yes” and building on others’ ideas, improv creates a positive incubator that teaches kids how to better interact in a community.




Humans are hardwired for stories and, despite its spontaneous nature, improv instills the value of creating intact stories that are complete with a beginning, middle, and end. Improv also teaches the value of stagecraft, character creation, basic mime, and physical theatre. Through improv, students are given all the tools they need to captivate the audience and thrill them with wonderful scenes and stories.



Vegas Theatre Hub’s Youth Improv Program is a fantastic opportunity

for students to have fun and learn the nuts and bolts of an 

incredibly popular and rewarding art form!



Here are just a few examples of the types of exercises we teach as part of our Youth Improv Program:


Yes! Let’s!


The group picks an activity (i.e. gardening). One player starts by making a suggestion. The rest enthusiastically respond with “Yes! Let’s!” and mime the action. Each player takes a turn making a suggestion. The game ends when everyone has made a suggestion.


Player 1: “Let’s plant some seeds!” Group: “Yes! Let’s!”
The Group frantically plants seeds.


Player 2: “Lets water the seeds!” Group: “Yes Let’s!

The Group waters the garden


This is an excellent exercise to demonstrate the importance of making decisions and saying “yes” in improv scenes.




Two Performers start a scene as the others form a line behind them. When a student wants to enter they clap and shout “FREEZE”. The performers freeze and the student that shouted freeze walks on and takes one performer’s place. A brand new scene begins from the frozen position. Students continue to rotate until everyone gets a turn.


This is a terrific way for students to learn how to make quick decisions, trust their instincts, and create scenes on the fly!


Worlds Worst


The players line up across the stage and are given a suggestion of an occupation. Whenever a player gets an idea they step forward and deliver a line as the “World’s Worst” at the profession.


This is a fantastic way to teach students the importance of listening and helps them to develop their comedic instincts for delivering funny lines.



Vegas Theatre Hub: Sketch and Improv Camp


This past summer, Vegas Theatre Hub offered a weeklong Sketch & Improv Camp where seven young students were given an opportunity to learn the basics of sketch and improv comedy. At the end of the week the students performed a sketch and improv show that they created themselves. The Camp was a HUGE success and we are proud to continue our work teaching comedy and theatre skills to Las Vegas youth.


Here are just a few things our students and their parents had to say about our Youth Sketch & Improv Camp:


“I’ve never done improv before and the fact that we were able to put a show together in one week was pretty awesome.”
Ken (Student)


“It’s definitely one of the best. See you next year!”

Will (Student)


“They had a blast! They would come home and get out their notebooks and start writing sketches. It was a great time!”

Jenn (Ken and Will’s Mom)


“They were actually coaching each other and encouraging each other. It was really cool. Having them do their own material added a whole other creative aspect. Most other theatre camps just give them a script. Having them develop the show themselves is really valuable.”
Shaun (Ken & Will’s Dad)


“Most theatre camps don’t include other people’s ideas. This camp included EVERYONE’S ideas! It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long while.”
Samuel (Student)


“It was hilarious! I could not stop laughing!”

Sebastian (Student)



Youth Improv Program

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