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Wednesday, May 18th,  8pm

Thursday, May 19th, 1pm 
Friday, May 20th, 1pm

Vegas Theatre Company

1025 S 1st Street, Las Vegas


Catch one of her Pay-What-You-Want-Previews before she premieres at the Cincy Fringe in June.

Welcome to the party! (It’s definitely not a pyramid scheme)

Hey gurl hey! It’s been forevs! Do you know about Varmon?? Varmon has THE BEST products. It’ll change your skin and change your life!! We’re having a little thing at Monica’s … you should totally come and I’ll tell you allllll about it! #flawlessskin #girlboss #femaleempowerment #varmonista #financialfreedom #notapyramidscheme

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