Improv Classes

Ready to start (or continue) your journey in our Improv Program? Check out our upcoming classes below and grab your spot before they sell out. January is one of our busiest times while people make the choice to try new things!


Improv 1 - Mar. 17th

Improv 2 - Mar. 9th

Improv 3 - Mar. 11th

Humble Clown Summit: Las Vegas

Mon.-Wed. | Mar. 23rd-25th | 10:30am-3:30pm

Stefan Haves, Cirque du Soleil’s 'Comic Act Designer' and 'West Coast Casting Partner for Clowns and Characters' is offering a class for both professionals and the 'professionally curious.’ This THREE DAY INTENSIVE will begin with laying a solid foundation with an introduction to the ‘Performer’s Instrument’ and ends with exploring the components of culminating a public-worthy clown act.

Every 4th Thursday!

Thu, Mar. 12th



Every other Sunday at 7pm

Drop-in class at 5:30pm

Jump on stage with friends from the community in our short form jam! We'll play several games that are appropriate for improvisers of all levels - even beginners! A long form team will close out the night.

If you'd like a sneak peek (plus tips!) on the games for the night, join our drop-in class at 5:30p.


Every other Sunday at 7pm

Drop-in class at 5:30pm

Come hop on stage with friends new and old (or just cheer from the audience) while gaining some long form improv experience! If you’d like to play, drop your name in our fish bowl, and several jam teams will be picked at random to play in several long form sets that will never be seen again.

$5 gets you in the door to play or just watch, or $10 will get you into the show and a long form drop in class. The Fishbowl runs every other Sunday, so check our calendar!

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