Improvisation in Business

There is more to improv than entertainment. It is a philosophy with a foundation of creativity and collaboration. As a training tool it improves listening and communication skills and helps people stay focused in the present moment. 


Vegas Theatre Hub works directly with you and your staff, creating and conducting a training program that will use improvisation to cover a wide range of topics from leadership to crisis management. 


Here are just a few of the benefits of our Workshops:




Successful improvisers are excellent listeners and clear communicators. When they begin creating a scene they are starting, literally, with nothing. But through listening, contributing freely, and building on ideas, worlds are created on stage. Life moves quickly, both on the stage and in the boardroom. Our workshops will teach your staff to listen deeply to the ideas that a unfolding and build upon them with articulation and confidence. 



Great leaders are decisive, confident, and flexible. They need to live in the moment and fly in the face of uncertainty. Great leaders also know when to step up and take charge and when to sit back and give support. Our workshops will give your staff a chance to be leaders and supporters alike, giving them the insight they need to step up and answer the call when they are needed.


Crisis Management

The Road to success is never smooth. We must be agile and adaptable if we’re going to survive the bumps along the way. By teaching the art of creativity, collaboration, and communication, our workshops will provide the tools that your organization needs to weather the challenges you may face in your workplace, helping your staff to stand up to adversity with skill and confidence.


Team Building 


Improv is a highly collaborative art form where working together to achieve a common goal is the only way to win. With its emphasis on saying “yes” and building on the ideas of others, your staff will experience, firsthand, the magic of being a part of something that is larger than themselves.


Keynote Speaking

Public speaking frequently tops people’s “greatest fear” list, but there is no reason to be afraid. By immersing your staff in a positive and judgment free space, they will be given the confidence to make creative decisions. Fear of embarrassment and failure is erased by support and applause, creating a stronger, more self assured staff that is fearless in front of audiences, executives, clients and customers alike.


The Power of “Yes”


Saying "Yes" to ideas opens doors because it means taking a risk. Saying no may seem like a safer choice, but it forces things to a standstill. When you say yes to people’s ideas, they will come back to you with stronger and better ideas. Our improv workshops will help you create a “Yes Culture” in your workplace, helping your staff and your business move forward.




Vegas Theatre Hub's Improvisation in Business Program 

focuses on skills that empower your team to perform at a higher level of energy and achievement! Our fully interactive workshops are instantly applicable and

custom made to suit your organizations needs. 


Whether it's a three hour class or a three day intensive,

Vegas Theatre Hub is ready to invigorate and ignite your creative spark! 


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