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For many, the idea of walking onstage and starting a scene without a script can be intimidating. The truth is that improvisational theatre (or improv) can be one of the most liberating, enjoyable, and useful skills that a performer can have in their repertoire. In improv, everything is completely in the moment. Opening night is also the closing night. Nothing you perform onstage, no matter how fantastic (or fantastically bad) it is, will ever be seen again. There are no mistakes, only gifts. And the best part is that ANYONE can do it! 


Whether you are a seasoned performer or someone who's never been in front of an audience, learning and honing your improv skills can dramatically improve your presence, confidence, and skills on stage, screen, and life.


Vegas Theatre Hub offers an extensive five-level training program for performance improvisation, designed to fit any level of skill or experience. For those who are new to the craft, Improv 1 will teach the basics of improvisation. In our final level, Improv 5, students will have the unique opportunity to create their own show to perform in front of a live audience.


Improvisation has become more than simply an established tool for performance. It is also an excellent way to enhance listening and communication skills in business, education, and everyday life.  Our faculty is filled with professional improvisers who have decades of performance, teaching, and directing experience between them. All of them are ready to take your improv skill to the next level.


Join Vegas Theatre Hub Improv Program for a class, and discover how great you truly are.


Vegas Theatre Hub Improv Program is for adults 18+

“There are no mistakes in improv. Only unexpected results.” ~ Del Close
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