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Vegas Theatre Hub has been a haven for creating, teaching, and changing lives here in Las Vegas for the last five years.  It’s built a community and has had an impact that measures bigger than the sum of its parts. It began with Darren Pitura, Derek Shipman, and Natalie Shipman. They started out using other theatre spaces, and one day after a class, Robin Slonina left her sweater and Darren Pitura told her he would call the theatre to hold it for her. That’s when Robin realized the Vegas Theatre Hub didn’t have its own space, and she luckily remembered she had friends that just procured the 705 Las Vegas Blvd space. From there, a home and history was made. Laughter, friendships, knowledge, bits, inside jokes, failures, wins, fear, fearlessness, vulnerability, discovery, and support filled the space.

Unfortunately, the City of Las Vegas has claimed eminent domain on the 705 Space. The area will be demolished and built up to enhance the City project the Cultural Corridor. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hub also had to cancel its 5th Anniversary Show in March.

Enter The Hub Takes 5; Bidding Farewell to the 705! This is a show to celebrate the 5th Anniversary, a show to say goodbye to the 705 space, a show to commemorate all the moments and memories of the past five years, a show looking forward to a future when the Hub can find a way back. With these unusual times with unusual measures, we have found a way to create a show to do just that! Please tune in on Sunday June 28th from 2pm - 7pm PDT for a five hour telethon-style extravaganza celebrating five years of all things the Hub.

To keep everyone safe and properly socially distanced, the show will feature live hosts from the Vegas Theatre Hub space as well as pre-recorded content being created as you read this, and all of this can be enjoyed by you online from the safety and comfort of your home.

Here is what to expect for the show:

Hour 1 hosted by Stinky & Bunny
What is the Hub?
The Hub Ghost
Hub Teachers
We Hot Bingo
Fabricated Egg
Uncle Crimson


Hour 2 hosted by Noah Bremer & Justin Green
Tales of the Green Room
Fishbowl & Hubbub
Clown Variety Acts


Hour 3 hosted by Ben Pawlowski & Josh Hand
Last Level 3 Class
Soft 7 Hard 10
Das Taco
Judgement City
Relatable Content
Workshop Teachers
Cardio Spider


Hour 4 hosted by Marc Roberts & Phil Kotler
The Hub Snake
Man Candy
Furious Water
Stinky & Bunny
One Take


Hour 5 hosted by Darren Pitura 
Faustino Musical Moments
A Special Song
A Message from the Community
Words from Darren Pitura
The 705 Send Off

Something beautiful was made over five years, and we can’t wait to celebrate that on June 28th! Please check in with this event for updates, and share to anyone that may want to celebrate. 

This show is free but what is a telethon-style event without some causes? We know there are a lot of people hurting right now, and simultaneously, a lot of causes that could use help. We will encourage people who can donate to give their dollars to some local charities we will feature closer to the show. 

Thank you for your hearts and your love, and, as always, we got your back!

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